About Us

Shree Agni Rekha

The Brand Shree Agni one of pioneers of household repellents in India has been around since the inception of the repellent market. After over 25 years of experience, Our product always of the finest quality, have stood the test of time with a strong presence throughout the country, we are now catering to international market as well.

Shree Agni Rekha is one of most popular cockroaches and insect repellent products in India. It works wonderfully and the most selling product in its category.

I have used it for many years and it has never disappointed me. The reason is the result, which is more than what it claims, For Example, I had used Shree Agni Rekha for cockroaches. As the name indicates, it is meant to keep away cockroaches. However, it does more than that. It keeps off insects and ants. Last month when my kitchen was sort of attacked by red ants, Shree Agni Rekha came to my rescue.