How To Use

How to use Shree Agni Rekha

It is quite easy to use and anyone can handle it effectively. You are just required to draw a line around the area where you do not want cockroaches and insects to come. For example, Draw a parallel lines around sink and there won't be any cockroaches. If the floor is smooth tiles, you may need to wet the tip of Shree Agni Rekha and then draw the line.

It is always better to draw the line in the night. You can wash the area in the morning. There won't be any cockroaches or insects for the next 24 hours (1 day).

Shree Agni Rekha Poisoning

The biggest problem with Shree Agni Rekha is its ingredient. It is actually made of Cypermethrin.

As you might know, Cypermethrin is nothing but an insecticide. It is widely used in agricultural practices, to keep off harvest harming insects. It is also used for domestic purposes like Shree Agni Rekha.

It works as neurotosix for insects.

Cypermethrin is also mildly toxic for human. Even the skin contact can lead to problem to some people and ingestion can definitely be problematic.

Side effects of Shree Agni Rekha

As mentioned above there might be some problem of using Shree Agni Rekha. If taken inside mouth it can causes nausea, muscle weakness, headache, shortness of breath and salivation, among other.

There is no denying that Shree Agni Rekha can be dangerous it taken by mouth. In this condition, it becomes highly important to keep it away from the reach of children. In no case, you should keep it where a child can reach.

You should also ensure to wash your hand properly after applying it on the area.

Shree Agni Rekha Chalk

Shree Agni Rekha Chalk is 10 gram piece of chalk really work magic when it comes to killing of cockroaches and other crawling insects. You have to do is to draw a few lines at night and the next morning, sweep away the heaps of dead cockroaches.

Right from my childhood, I was the cockroach kills in my house, running after each & every little brown menace and making sure the house is rid of it. So, whenever I saw Shree Agni Rekha on the Racks I dared to give it a try.